Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gopalan Coworks?

Great question! Gopalan Coworks is a fast-growing  Coworking Space in Bangalore that will not only provide you an office space and address from where you can access business services; but will also provide a community of professionals who share ideas and work together.

What are the KYC documents that will be taken from me when I sign up for a Coworking space?

The list of KYC documents varies from the format of the work sphere picked by a member. Adding to this, each member is required to submit the following documents

  • Company Incorporation Letters
  • Company Pan Card
  • Individual Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • GST Certificate

If I want to visit Gopalan Coworks, do I need to schedule a tour  or can I just walk in?

Feel free to walk into any of the Gopalan Coworks centers. But we suggest you schedule a tour with us either by calling us at +91-080-4931-4961 or Email us: at

What are the operating hours for Gopalan Coworks?

Our hours of operation are 8 am to 9 pm. Monday to Saturday. Private Cabins and dedicated desks will have access to the office.

Are there any hidden costs in coworking space packages?

We believe in keeping our coworking charges transparent. Therefore, we are upfront about all charges and additional costs which would be charged.

What are the Key amenities of Gopalan Coworks?

The amenities at Gopalan Coworks include Meeting Room Printer and Scanner, Air Conditioner, 24/7 Power Backup, HD CCTV, 24/7 Security, Parking, Storage Space, Community, Events, High Street Food & Beverages, Gopalan Bowling Alley & Gopalan Cinemas.

Do I need to book a coworking space in Bangalore in advance?

If you have reserved a dedicated or private desk in Bangalore,there's no need to book in advance. However, if you prefer a hot desk, it's a good idea to book a space via the

How much does a Gopalan coworking space in Bangalore cost?

Join a thriving community of professionals with our vibrant coworking spaces in Bangalore.Prices for a Coworking desk in a shared workspace starts from INR 7000 per month. The actual price will vary by the number of people, the term of the agreement, the specific co-working location,and availability.

What are the minimum and maximum seats of dedicated Desks in Gopalan Coworking Bangalore?

The dedicated Desks in Gopalan Coworks Space Bangalore seats start from 10 seats to 100 + seats.