What are Coworking Spaces and why they are in demand?

Coworking office space

Coworking is nothing but a collaborative, flexible, self-directed work style that is based on mutual trust and sharing the same values between its participants. Since the concept of coworking is reaching great heights, so is the demand for coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces in Bangalore are nothing like a regular office space. The amazing atmosphere, the energetic and positive vibe, the smell of fresh coffee, all this adds to the vibrant feeling of commercial office space. From people in deep discussions at a private desk to a group of people exchanging knowledge at large shared tables, this is how this entire culture is defined.

A rather unfamiliar thought a few years ago, coworking is now one of the fastest growing industries globally. Flexible workspaces, like-minded people, convenience, and various other added advantages are some of the major reasons for the increasing demand for shared commercial spaces.

There is generally a perception that coworking spaces are only for startups and freelancers. But studies show that the largest demand opportunity lies in the large enterprises which are more than 40% followed by SMEs which also has a demand opportunity of over 40%. One of the best parts of coworking spaces is that it has something for everyone, be it freelancers, small businesses or big enterprises.

These office spaces are working on creating an environment where the workforce is content, allowing everyone to focus on their work leading to a productive working culture.

These spaces provide a range of services to their members starting from lounge areas, cafeterias, private cabins, convenient locations, proper parking facilities, etc. which acts as a great plus to the people looking for such office spaces.

As the demand of coworking spaces is increasing at a jet speed, there is no doubt about the fact that the office spaces are also trying to come up with innovative ideas to create a comfortable and convenient working experience for the future tycoons.