Resuming Work? Here are some guidelines to follow

workplace safety guidelines

The entire world is hit by a pandemic, something that you and I had never thought of. The change that this situation has brought into our day-to-day lives is something that we are still coping up with.

The ‘new normal’ is what we as individuals need to get accustomed to. Extra safety, extra care, being extra hygienic is what you need to be to beat the spread of this novel virus.

Slowly life seems to get back on track with lots of do’s and don’ts. So as you are all set to resume work, here are few things for you to keep in mind as suggested by MHA.

  1. Ample amount of face masks to be available for the employees in all big and small companies. The wearing of masks will be compulsory throughout the working hours.
  2. Prioritizing social distancing above everything has to be an important duty of the company as well as the employees. Avoiding face-to-face meetings, working in shifts, etc. are some of the main practices that need to come into effect.
  3. Hand-sanitizers need to be placed in all the main areas of the company, including various departments, conference rooms, and all the entry and exit points.
  4. Thermal scanning before entering the office premises should be made mandatory.
  5. Frequent sanitization of the entire office, including mostly touched surfaces, door handles, lifts, and washrooms should be mandatory.
  6. Downloading the Aarogya Setu app should be a must for all the employees, staff, and any other people of the company.

Avoiding online delivery, availability of ambulance, washing hands regularly and all other basic hygienic things is what the company and its employees have to take care of.

This viral outbreak has had a huge impact on the economy of the country. A lot of shared office spaces who were thinking of expanding their workspaces have to hold on to their plans for the moment. Although there has been a loss of business, reports say that the commercial segment may not witness a major dip in the demands of shared office spaces in Bangalore as well as all the other major cities across India.  

The MHA had clearly specified that offices in containment zones will not be permitted to operate until they get a clean chit of not having any Covid-19 cases in that particular zone. Though businesses in areas apart from the containment zone can resume work, it will be the utmost responsibility of the companies to take proper care of their employees and take proper safety precautions on a day-to-day basis.

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