How Tech Innovations Will Rule the Future of Coworking Spaces

The innovation in technology is here to rule the future of almost everything. Be it the future of the real estate, the future of coworking spaces or any other sector for that matter.

Though technology is creating a buzz throughout, the biggest problem that the devices face is that it requires a continuous effort coming from the companies to work on products that can connect and help people who use such technologies on a regular basis.

With too many competitors in the field, everyone is trying their best to come up with the best of the innovations to remain ahead in the rat race.

Here are a few tech innovations that might rule the future of coworking spaces.

Real-time Location  

Real-time Location

A system that will identify the location of people or objects automatically within a shared office space. This technology will be helpful to keep security checks as well as track people within the coworking space. This technology will also be useful to find misplaced files or tools.

Multifunctional Touch Panel  

Multifunctional Touch Panel

A tech update to all the buttons and switches that are being used for ages now. A multifunctional touch panel that will have more than one switch and will be able to control the entire room. Control of fans, AC, lights, shutters, projectors, all with just a single click.

Air Quality Sensor

Air Quality Sensor

Devices that will detect as well as monitor the airflow in the office space. A device that will measure the exact amount of airflow that is required for an office environment. It will also be able to give detailed information about the current temperature and humidity of a particular room.


mobile detector

The most exciting tech innovation will be the innovation of tags, a mobile detector that will be inserted on the biometric devices as well as the ID cards. This device will have all the information about the person, will recognize the person and open the door automatically. No fingerprints required, no times wasted, just a door that opens the moment someone walks in.

This was a small glimpse of what the future of coworking spaces may look like.

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  2. Real-time Location and Tags seems interesting to me. If these were implemented in Coworking spaces, then coworking space would become much more reliable.

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