Gopalan Coworks- Everything you need to know about these swanky coworking spaces

coworking space in Bangalore

A new age space for ‘Digital Nomads’, Gopalan Coworks is considered to have some of the best coworking spaces in Bangalore. The shared office spaces are working wonders for various startups as well as independent businesses, giving them the enthusiasm and the motivation to take their business to the next level.

Being an IT hub, Bangalore has a lot of budding entrepreneurs who are getting ready to create a mark for themselves in the business world. Gopalan Coworks is helping these entrepreneurs build the business of their choice by providing office spaces that will help their business to flourish.

Here is where you can find these extraordinary shared workspaces which will give you the opportunity to create, connect, and collaborate.

Gopalan Coworks, Old Madras Road

coworking space in Indiranagar

This plug and play office space is located at the Gopalan Signature Mall, Old Madras Road. Comfortable and efficient, this coworking space is the first in the series of the Gopalan Coworks. With a spread of over 11,000 sq.ft space, outstanding amenities, and mesmerizing décor, this workstation is at a location that connects you to various restaurants, cinemas as well as shopping onsite.  A team dinner or a movie night after a hectic day, this space offers everything for your team under one roof.

Gopalan Coworks, Bannerghatta Road

office space for rent in JP Nagar

With a 6000 sq.ft stylish space and 136 seats available, Gopalan Coworks at the Gopalan Innovation Mall offers one of the best coworking spaces in JP Nagar, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. These vibrant and spacious office spaces make work pleasant and comfortable. With excellent facilities and contemporary decor, these office spaces surely have positivity around it which is important for businesses to grow healthily. Well-connected by bus or metro, this office space at the Gopalan Innovation Mall is your one-stop-shop to work, enjoy a movie or head out for some shopping to end the day.

Gopalan Coworks, Commercial Street

office space for rent in commercial street

This modern workspace is giving new opportunities to startups to coordinate, co-generate and concentrate on turning dream businesses into a reality. Gopalan Coworks at the Gopalan Corner located in Commercial Street, Bangalore has more than 100 seats at this bustling commercial area making it a perfect location for your budding business. From hot desks to multiple seating options, this commercial office space is ideal for small businesses or offsite working. With easy access to restaurants, neighborhood shopping places, etc, this well-maintained area is not only economical but also helps you focus on your work properly.

Gopalan Coworks, Whitefield

coworking space in Whitefield

This shared office space has its place at the Gopalan Millennium Towers. With 1 lakh sq.ft area and 1250 seats available, this office space in Whitefield gives a feeling of a large, ultra-modern corporate space yet with privacy while catering perfectly to your personal business needs. A blend of a corporate atmosphere and coworking comforts, this space is a great place to work and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

Gopalan Coworks, Banashankari

office space in Banashankari

Located at the Gopalan Promenade Mall, Banashankari, this coworking space covers an area of 26,000 sq.ft and can accommodate more than 500 seats. This office space is considered to be one of the most comfortable and friendly shared workspaces where like-minded people come, collaborate, share ideas and help each other to grow their businesses. With dedicated desks, hot seats, private as well as large cabins, this office space is at a perfect location that gives access to Mysore Road, Kanakpura Road, and Raja Rajeshwari Nagar.

At Gopalan Coworks, we grow communities of freelancers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, creative or simply independent professionals. We enable you to excel by learning from others, networking, collaborating, and contributing to peers. Ensuring that all the basic needs are taken care of, we also offer flexible payment plans and make things easy on your pocket.

You can focus on spreading your wings, while we focus on giving you the best co-working spaces at a location of your choice.

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