Digital Marketing Session with Industry Experts- An Event to Remember

digital marketing session

‘Digital Marketing’ a term that is creating all the buzz now across all businesses. Be it a startup, small businesses or even large enterprises, everyone is trying their best to be ahead in this rat race by thinking out of the box and doing everything possible to take their businesses to the next level.

Though we are familiar with this term, the question that arises is do we really know the ins and outs of it? Do we know how to use digital marketing in the right way for our businesses?

Such questions and a lot more were answered by our Industry Experts at an event that took place at Gopalan Coworks, Gopalan Signature Mall.

On the 6th of December Gopalan Coworks, Gopalan Signature Mall witnessed a full house where people from various businesses joined us for an event that spoke about the trends in Digital Marketing, the dos and donts as well as the importance of having a proper digital marketing plan for businesses.

Key Speakers

Deepak Kanakaraju (Digital Deepak) – Leading Digital Marketing Guru

Deena Pinto- Award-winning Influencer

Subhramanyu Mishra- Senior Manager, SME- Genpact

While Deena Pinto spoke about her journey from being a commoner to a social media influencer, we had Deepak and Subhramanyu speak about the influence of Digital Marketing across various businesses.

What kicked up the event was the question and answer session where the crowd asked numerous questions about their businesses and our panelists were out there answering all of them like a boss.

And after a lot of discussion and questions being answered, it was a wrap of our second event in the Namaskara Startup series.

When asked about some wrap-up thoughts, Deepak spoke about how believing in our instincts and working on it is the only way to succeed in life and Deena added that to be passionate about what we like and taking criticisms positively can help us achieve all our goals, all we need to do is believe in ourselves.

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