Coworking Spaces- Challenges and Their Solutions

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The concept of ‘co-working spaces’ came as a solution to a lot of problems faced by startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It is mainly designed to increase networking, with all the essential amenities and at the same time keeping people focused on their work.

Though this phenomenon comes with a lot of benefits, there are also some problems that are yet to be worked out.

Here are some potential problems faced by the shared workspaces and how to avoid them.


A lot of noise, a lot of people moving around, socializing, the sound of the printer, the coffee machine can all cause a huge distraction while you are trying to concentrate on your work. To be on the safer side, it’s better that you check out the noise levels before making any commitment. Look for places that have dividers between desks, or the best way to avoid any distraction is by using headphones.

Conflicts with other coworkers

Coworking spaces host entrepreneurs or professionals across various business industries. When there are people with different personalities, different approaches, some clashes are meant to happen. Though problems can occur in any work setting, this is pretty common in open-plan offices. How to avoid this? Just work and let work.

Quick turnovers

Just when you have started socializing with one friendly face, you just blink your eyes and the next moment you see that she has disappeared and someone else is using her desk. All you need to do is accept the fact that these are co-working office spaces which allows the members to move in and out with short notice.

Technical Issues

No matter how technically sound the shared office space may be, some technical issues are meant to happen almost every day. Slow Wi-Fi, all of a sudden printer not working, an important presentation and the projector has gone for a toss are some problems faced in the coworking spaces. Visit the place two-three times before finalizing, do a test run on your system to check the internet connection. Survey the place as much as you can.

Work Timings

Entrepreneurs are always working. You need a space that supports the hard work you are putting in. Pay attention to the work timings and check if they are convenient for doing the kind of business that you do need to do, especially when you need to do it.

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